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11 Minutes

The 11 Minutes podcast is a monthly conversation between Myke HurleyTerry Lucy and Dave Caolo. We promise at least 11 Minutes worth of good content per show.

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S04E02 - Going Into Space Seemed Preposterous And Silly

This time, Dave Myke and Terry's discussion includes the Super Bowl, The Oscars, Mobile Worlds Congress and why Dave would never own a watch.

Show Notes:

- Firefox OS brings the Chrome approach to smartphones

- Photo of iPad Photo Taker

- Zeus Clooney

- Stacy Keibler

- Jennifer Lawrence Flips The Bird

- Ang Lee Eats A Burger

- Invincible


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S04E01 - President Miley Cyrus

Topics discussed on this episode include; Kidney Stones, Cheese, Bingo, the Presidential Inauguration, Idiots on Snow Days, Old Video Games, The Super Bowl.

You're in for a wild ride.

Show Notes:

- Friends: Friends Joey Gets Kidney Stones

- Gala Bingo

- The One Show

- 'Well Hello There' Keychain

- Supaboy

- $25,000 Super Mario Cartridge

- Atari Pac Man

- A terrible version of the image of Dave's Dad

- The hat that Terry and Myke are buying

- Snapback

- The hat with the earflaps



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S03E03 - Yankee Doodle Breakfast

This time discussion includes what an English Breakfast consists of, Podcasting exercises, Caffeinated Beverages, Air Travel, Woodshop Projects and Angry Birds.


Show Notes:

- Dave and the Boy, looking smart

- Dave's Woodworking Project

- Elevation Dock

- William's Logic

- Angry Birds NASA Video

- The Bro Show: Episode 39- The Wayback Machine


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S03E02 - I Put Tinfoil Down For Everything


S03E01 - A New Leaf

Welcome to the first episode of the third season of 11 Minutes. This time Dave, Myke and Terry discuss the changes to the show, the Olympic and Paralympic games, Klout Scores, Cashiering and a little about money. Oh, and we crowd-source the opportunity to frustrate Dave. 


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