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001 - Genesis

The 512 Podcast is a weekly talk show about technology, journalism and design. It's hosted by Stephen Hackett of, and he's joined by Myke Hurley of the 70Decibels network.

This week, Stephen and Myke talk about the beginning of 512 Pixels (RIP, Forkbombr), having a voice, goals for the show, blog comments and more.

Dear Reader(s) - 512 Pixels

43f Podcast: John Gruber & Merlin Mann's Blogging Panel at SxSW


5by5 - Broadcasts for Geeks, Designers, Developers, and Entrepreneurs

Wet Frog Studios

Ryan Cash: An interview with Stephen Hackett

It’s All About the Experience, Baby — 512 Pixels

70Decibels - Contact

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