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Some goings on..

The hosts of the podcasts on the 70Decibels network have been up to all sorts of interesting things recently, so we thought it would be good to give you a little update on some of them:

- Myke Hurley recently appeared on the Mikes On Mics podcast to participate in their 'How packed is your Mac?' segment. In this segment the guest will talk about the apps they are currently using to get their work done and talk through their workflows. We've really been enjoying this show so it was great to be involved.

- Iain Broome has announcedthat his novel 'A for Angelica' is going to be published on September 1st 2012. Iain has been working for many years to arrange a publishing deal and we're so pleased that his hard work has paid off.

- Stephen Hackett has announced that he is currently working on his first book, 'Bartending: Memoirs of an Apple Genius’. The book will feature a collection of stories and experiences he had whilst working in Apple retail. Stephen is looking to release this on the Kindle bookstore in April.

- David Caolo, Terry Lucy and Myke Hurley have revived the 11 Minutes podcast. This show has been on hiatus for a little while and we're really pleased that we've been able to bring it back. This is a show that everyone involved really enjoyed and had a devoted audience. So we're really pleased to bring it back, with some format changes and exciting things on the horizon.

- David Caolo and Patrick Rhone are both still working on their own books to be released soon and Brett Kelly is preparing a big update to his book 'Evernote Essentials'. We're really looking forwards to these too!


We're a literary bunch around here..


11 Minutes Is Back!

It was a truly sad day when we had to say goodbye to 11 Minutes and put the show on an undefined hiatus, but it is with great joy today that I announce the show's return with Episode One of Season Two!

Myself, David Caolo and Terry Lucy will be back every week to talk about – well – whatever it is we want to talk about! And on this Season we may also be joined by a few friendly voices too!

The first Season of 11 Minutes has now been put together and split in to two halves, of which we are offering for download either from the show's page or from our RSS feed. We have removed the original files and this is now the only way to download any of those golden oldies, so now you can now listen back and jump in an out at your leisure. This is something we plan to do for each Season going forward.

We are so pleased to be bringing 11 Minutes back to 70Decibels and we hope that you enjoy the show and some of the changes we are making to create even better content for you!


Programming note for this week

We've got an interesting and exciting week up ahead and this means we're making a couple of changes to the shows this week.

- 'Cooking with Brett and Myke' will be out on Thursday this week
- 'The Bro Show' will be out on Wednesday but a little later than usual. We're going to be joined by David Sparks to discuss the Apple announcement

Also, you might want to keep your eye on @70decibels this week as we might have something exciting to announce..


The 512 Podcast

Today we have something really exciting for you and that's the launch of The 512 Podcast!

When we record Ungenisued every week, me and Stephen Hackett of 512 Pixels will typically talk for about an hour about tech and what's going down with eachother. So, we've decided to turn this chat in to a full-blown podcast.

Every week, Stephen and myself are going to be recording a show bursting with the latest in tech news, but with a whole heap of opinion and punditry. Think of a cross between The Bro Show and Cooking with Brett and Myke and you might get close.

Stephen has been a really great addition to the network and we're thrilled that he's extending the 512 Pixels brand over to 70Decibels. He's going to be a big deal, so we expect this show to become the most popular podcast on the planet.

I really hope that you enjoy the new show. As always you can get in touch with us via the contact page, or you can send a tweet to me or Stephen.


The Pen Addict Podcast

I have been a fan of Brad Dowdy and his site – The Pen Addict – for some time now as I, like many geeks I know am a lover of all things stationary related.

On previous episodes of Enough we have covered pens and paper and also quite recently we had Brad himself on to discuss some of his favourite tools.

After recording these shows and reading all the great feedback we'd received, I decided to twist Brad's arm and convince him to join the 70Decibels network to create a Podcast all of his very own.

So this is it, The Pen Addict Podcast! 

Every week, me and Mr Dowdy will be bringing to you some lovely Pen and Paper related goodness. We're going to talk about favourite tools, some theory and tips and tricks. We're also thinking about trying to incorporate some video episodes, as well as inviting some guests on to talk about their addictions too.

So please go and listen to episode one, where we give you an idea of what the show is going to be about and cover a glossary of pen-related terms that will help newbies to the intricacies of the pen world (like me) in later episodes.

As always, feedback is greatly recieved via the Contact page.

Thanks for listening,


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