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A tech news talk show that puts a spotlight on the guest. Hosted by Myke Hurley.

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Episode 23- Pieces

The Bro Show Episode 23- Pieces 16/09/2010

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In Episode 23 Myke and Terry Discuss:

- The New Twitter

- HTC Sense

- Playstation Move

- Halo Reach

- And Have A Slight Meltdown...


Show Notes

- The New Twitter Video

- HTC Sense Video

- Epic Citadel


App Picks:

- Bomber 2

- Coin Push Frenzy

- Weet


Episode 22- Hey Vito!

The Bro Show Episode 22- Hey Vito! 08/09/2010

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In Episode 22 Myke and Terry discuss

- Google Instant Search

- iOS4.1

 - Mafia 2

- Call Of Duty


Show Notes -

Google Instant Search Introduction

- Googlewhack

Pro Evo on Wikipedia



App Picks

- Twitter for iPad

- Angry Honey


Episode 21- You Do The Math

The Bro Show Episode 21- You Do The Math 01/09/2010

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In Episode 21 Myke and Terry discuss:

- Apple's New Announcements

- Scott Pilgrim vs The World (Movie)


Show Notes

- HDR Photo Examples

- Scott Pilgrim on IMDB

- iTunes Link to the Universal Theme


App Picks

- Golden Axe

- The Incident


Episode 20- The Air Has Overheated

The Bro Show Episode 20- The Air Has Overheated

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In Episode 20 Myke, Terry are joined again by Patrick Rhone of Minimal Mac and they discuss:

- One Year of Minimal Mac and the importance of Backing Up

- The September 1st Apple Event

- Games for a Non-Gamer


Show Notes

- One Year of Minimal Mac

- SXSW: Merlin Mann and John Gruber

- Making the Clackety Noise



- Patrick's Back up Solution

- Kevin Rose: iTV


App Picks:

- Simplenote

- Meow Meow Happy Fight

- EpicWin


Episode 19- The Bro Show vs The World

The Bro Show Episode 19- The Bro Show vs The World

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In Episode 19 Myke and Terry Discuss:

- Terry's Jailbroken iPhone

- BBC's Sherlock

- Scott Pilgrim


Show Notes:

- Sherlock on Wikipedia

- Scott Pilgrim on Wikipedia


App Picks:

- Comic Zeal

- iFile


And dont forget to look out for our tweet on Friday 13th to win copies of Scott Pilgrim One and Two!