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Learning about the world, one conversation at a time. Hosted by Gabe Weatherhead and Erik Hess


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043 - Anxiety, Fear, and Risk

This week Gabe and Erik talk about things that make them anxious, the difference between anxiety and fear, and ways they assess and manage risk so they can be functioning members of society. Then they veer off topic to examine the possibility that iOS 7's new look might siphon development resources away from new and improved app features. Finally, they throw all caution to the wind to talk about Erik's brief dip in the foreign waters of Android.

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043 - Anxiety, Fear, and Risk


042 - Exploring DEVONthink with Jim Neumann

This week Gabe and Erik wrap up their series on data management with Jim Neumann of DEVONtechnologies. They discuss tag vs. hierarchy filing methods, the DEVONthink AI, sync, security, capture and scripting. Then they venture off topic to explore mobile battery life and try to figure out when we have "enough".

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042 - Exploring DEVONthink with Jim Neumann


041 - The death and life of RSS with Alex Kessinger

To celebrate the demise of Google Reader, Erik and Gabe talk to Alex Kessinger of Rumproarious. They discuss the RSS apocalypse, current Google Reader alternatives, ways to manage high volume feeds, and the future of the RSS landscape. Alex is a developer at, so they also touch on a few notable apps that build on its growing social platform.

This week also features the debut of a new section: Offtopic. The first offtopic... er, topic... is whether online privacy can still exist on the post-Snowden internet.

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041 - The death and life of RSS with Alex Kessinger


040 - Helping Erik Procrastinate Productively with a GTD Reboot

It's all come crashing down in Erik's work life, so Gabe helps Erik rethink his system for Getting Things Done. Along the way, they share their different perspectives and talk about how they handle multiple family members and multiple areas of responsibility. Finally, Gabe and Erik dig into a few major apps, hierarchy, tags, start dates and all sorts of other fiddly productivity topics that are a whole lot more interesting than actual work.

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040 - Helping Erik Procrastinate Productively with a GTD Reboot


039 - Writing Technical eBooks with Brett Kelly

This week Brett Kelly from is back to talk about his process for writing a technical book. Brett created the Evernote Essentials guide in 3 months and he talks about what he learned from the process as well as what he’s continuing to learn as an independent publisher.

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Office Autopilot


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