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Mikes On Mics

Michael Schechter and Mike Vardy talk technology and time management, parenting and productivity and all things in between during this podcast, all while sipping on their drink of choice for each episode.

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Episode 16: How Packed is Stephen Hackett's Mac?

“The Mikes” are joined by Stephen Hackett of the 512 Pixels blog as well as the 512 Pixels and Ungeniused Podcasts on the 70Decibels network. We break open his applications folder and share just how packed his Mac is.

Join Vardy and Schechter as they examine some of Stephen’s shame (he has a lot of it) by examining some of the 70 applications on his Mac.

We also turn “Ben Brooks” into a verb, which is inherently awesome.

What Mikes (and Stephen) Are Drinking

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Episode 13: How Packed Is Yuvi Zalkow's Mac?

“The Mikes” are joined by self-proclaimed “novelist, failed writer and schmo” as well the creator of several of Schechter’s favorite videos, Yuvi Zalkow to break open his applications folder and share just how packed is his Mac.

Join Vardy and Schechter as they examine some of Yuvi’s shame (he has a lot of it) by examining some of the 87 applications on his Mac.

What Mikes (And Yuvi) Are Drinking


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Episode 10: How Packed Is C.J. Chilvers' Mac?


Episode 6: How Packed is Myke Hurley's Mac?

“The Mikes” are joined by their first guest ever, Myke Hurley of the 70 Decibels podcasting network. Myke took time out of his hectic podcasting schedule to open up his application folder and share just how packed is his Mac. Those familiar with Myke’s Enough Podcast with Patrick Rhone will know that our “How Packed Is Your Mac?” episodes are an homage to their “How Bare Is Your Air?” series. With this in mind, it only seemed fitting that our first guest be one of the originators of our inspiration for the series.

Join Vardy, Schechter and Hurley as they walk through some of the highlights of Hurley’s 66 applications (a new low!) and discuss how you can create an entire podcasting network from the comfort of an 11” MacBook Air.

What Mikes (And Myke) Are Drinking

Myke Hurley’s Mac

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Episode 4: How Packed Is Michael Schechter's Mac?

In homage to Patrick Rhone and Myke Hurley of the Enough podcast “The Mikes” have created a new series to complement Enough’s “How Bare Is Your Air” episodes. While “How Bare Is Your Air” challenges Mac geeks to pare down their digital life to fit in the confines of a 64GB, 11” MacBook Air, “How Packed Is Your Mac” forces participants to share a secret shame. It asks them to tell the truth and own up to all of apps that live on their computers. For the second episode of “How Packed Is Your Mac?”, Michael Schechter opens up his applications folder and attempts to crap-rationalize many of the the over 80 applications currently living within.

What Mikes Are Drinking

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