Food porn DORITO CORN BREAD Recipe

I think I created a new style of cooking I like to call “Food, The Sequel” or more simply as “Recycling Food”. Let me explain what it is by telling you a true story of babestation. This story is dramatized for dramatic effect.

A while ago, I walked to the corner store to buy a big bag of nacho cheese Doritos. I wound up buying TWO bags, because my eyes are bigger than my stomach. Like BIG bags of imagefap. I was all by myself too, so this was all for me. I come home and I eat one whole bag in one sitting. That’s about 900 Doritos chips. Now I’m sick of Doritos for a little while. The following day, the other bag I got and didn’t eat is staring at me. EAT ME it says. I think to myself, “I cannot eat another Dorito, but I cannot stand to look at this bag while it’s staring at me.”

Now my mind is reeling, “I can just make you into something else….” again, thinking to myself, and “you” being the Dorito bag. I reached an epiphany to turn the Doritos into fabswingers Dorito cornbread, where instead of using cornmeal, I used crushed up Doritos.

The Dorito bag is quivering now because it’s scared, and rightly so. I opened up the bag, dumped its entire contents into a large bowl, and proceeded to crunch the chips into the finest possible cornmeal with my bare fists. In my clenched hands they all crumbled, and their cries sounded like dry autumn leaves under your feet of nudevista. It was still pretty chippy, but I did my best. I carefully licked my hands clean afterward, because I realized I had an entire Dorito bag’s worth of cheese powder crusted on. This was satisfying.

I adapted a tried and true skillet cornbread recipe and replaced most of the cornmeal for A LOT of Doritos. The results were a deliciously recontextualized bag of Doritos. Imagine eating a Dorito tubegalore, and never crunching, because the texture is just soft bread. Weird, right?

So the term, “Food, The Sequel”, applies to any scenario where the food you eat comes back, bigger and better than ever!

-1 big $3 sized bag of Doritos (any flavor you desire) (crushed as finely as possible)
-1/3 cup cornmeal
-1 8oz can creamed corn
-1 egg
-1/4 cup veg oil
-2 TB butter

Preheat oven to 400 F. Mixed the crushed up Doritos, cornmeal, egg, creamed corn, and oil together in a big bowl. The batter might seem a little runny. Let that sit for about 10 minutes of redtube so some of the liquid pre-soaks into the chips.

Melt the butter in a cast iron skillet on medium high until the butter smells a little toasty and awesome. Dump the batter into the skillet and fry until the edges look a little brown. Finish it off in the oven for about 10 minutes. Eat it while it’s hot!

Regarding 11 Minutes

Today I have to unfortunately annouce that 11 Minutes, as you know it, will no longer be. Our good friend, Mr. Dave Caolo, must unfortuantely call ‘last orders’ with his participation of the show.

Dave is one of the busiest people I know. He has written many books, runs the fantastic 52 Tiger, works for the monolith that is TUAW as well as appearing on The Sci Fi Cast. And that’s just to name some of his projects!

Therefore, Dave has decided that he needs to re-arrange some aspects of his work and things need to be cut. Me and Terrence totally agree that he needs to ensure he is devoting his time to the projects that need the most attention and we are really excited at seeing the new direction that 52 Tiger will be taking.

We are all really sad that 11 Minutes will be ending in its current iteration, but we must look to the future. We are currently assessing how videos porno the show will continue, so we will be taking a break for a short time. We have some ideas about how the show could be produced in the future and they range from having a new host or guests, to completely changing the format.

We would welcome any feedback or ideas you have on how you’d like is to progress.

Cutting any show from the network would be a hard thing to do and I know that a lot of you have a special place in you Podcatcher for 11 Minutes, so we are going to think long and hard about how we could get a show with equal quality to you. Even though it will be an incredibly hard task to fill Dave’s chair.

All of us at 70Decibels wish Dave the best of luck with his future endeavours and we hope to be able to cajole him back to a regular slot on the network, some time in the future.

As always, thanks for listening!


*Bottles clinking*

Programming note for this week

We’ve got an interesting and exciting week up ahead and this means we’re making a couple of changes to the shows this week.

– ‘Cooking with Brett and Myke’ will be out on Thursday this week
– ‘The Bro Show’ will be out on Wednesday but a little later than usual. We’re going to be joined by David Sparks to discuss the Apple announcement

Also, you might want to keep your eye on @70decibels this week as we might have something exciting to announce..

Christmas 2011 Episode Release Schedule

Season’s Greetings!

Just want to give you an update to our release schedule for Christmas week as there are going to be some small changes:

The App Orchard: No show still this week as Josh has recently had a baby! (Congratulations mate!)

The Bro Show: Released on Wedsnesday as normal

Cooking With: Released on Thursday 29th

Enough: No show on the 27th but there will be an episode on Thursday 29th, as normal

Ungeniused: Released on Thursday 29th

From all of us at 70Decibels, we hope you have a fantastic Christmas and make sure you have your new iOS devices warmed up for Thursday 29th!